Glad You’re Here!

Greetings, Fellow Comic Book & Sci-Fi Lovers!


I’ve come to the Shocking Revelation that I’m NO LONGER a young man…in a snap of the fingers- I’m suddenly past 50! Upon forced reflection, I have found solace in the fact that I have enjoyed so many things- especially comic books!

Now, you may ask “What’s so special about Comic Books?”. Welllllll, it, as usual, goes back to my childhood days (did children actually go around wearing hoods?). My father fell in love with another woman when I was 5, dumped my mother, brother (3 yrs old) and I in a tiny, old, beat-up trailer in Orlando, Florida- then ran back to California never to be seen again…(I’m the one on the right)


So, long story shortened a little: we were “dirt poor”, and I was able to get the comic books everyone at school had by scouring the countryside for pop bottles (ever see the ol’ glass ones?) that I could trade in at the mom & pop store (ever see one of THOSE?) for 2 cents each; 6 would get me a comic (10 cents) and candy (2 cents left over)- don’t remember any tax!

Fascinated by the art, I started copying it, was always being yelled at by the teacher for doodling- and for several decades now, have made my LIVING by my art services! Lord (or should I say “LordS”?) knows how hard I tried to AVOID it, trying endless jobs….But thereyahaveit- I am the Mad Artist! There are SO many comics- and sci-fi art, books & movies- that it will be an almost Impossible Task  to post any of it in any kind of order- but I will try!

PLEASE post or e-mail me ( with any requests or suggestions! Hope you enjoy my site as much as I am enjoying putting it together!

Kindest Regards.

Mike the Mad Artist

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