“Mister Canya Sparea Dime?”

No, I’m not homeless, yes, I am borderline poor.

I can give you the sob story- but who wants to hear it?

Since it takes a GREAT deal of time to scan, find scans, clean and post all these comic pages- and I categorize them- “Mister Canya Sparea Buck?”

You and I spend more than that everywhere we go- but if a few of you DO, I will be able to spend even MORE time posting books! And THAT is my Passion!

If you can: Paypal > “Send Money” > themadartist@live.com

If you’re too cheap- at LEAST do me the favor of “liking” the blog you visit!

In any event, add a comment, telling me what you would LIKE to see- or if you want one of the books as a CBR or PDF! And let’s all become friends!

Kindest Regards,

Mike the Mad Artist