New Comics often Disgusting….


On the news this morning: Marvel becoming more and more ‘politically correct’; an Indian (‘Native American’) superhero brought back, more women, less muscular men, more races used….

That’s Disney for you-¬†plasticizing is their specialty.

They want more ‘reality’ than the fantasy that made comics so enjoyable and popular. Same with DC…Thus homos, and soap operas prevail…

Thus my love for the ‘Old’ Comics grows stronger- and the length of time passing since I bought a new comic grows rapidly….

The Very First Comic I ever read…Remember YOURS?

When our mom got off work, the sun was setting, and once a week, we had to pack up our dirty laundry in baskets, and haul them down Orange Blossom Trail (in Orlando- the late 50s) to a laundromat in the dark. Very dreary. After helping our mom load the clothes in the washers, we slinked over to the waiting room- and lo and behold!~ this is what I found on the old table with the newspapers! —>

Batman125¬†Every time I read it, I feel like I’m back in that laundromat, marveling as I read my very first comic book! Read it online HERE: Batman #125- from 1959- King Batman the First!

As well as MANY other old comics and mags- with new ones added every week! Posting my Old Books HERE from now on~