Get LOST! ……#2 (1954) – the FRunniest Invisible Man Spoof!

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The Very First Comic I ever read…Remember YOURS?

When our mom got off work, the sun was setting, and once a week, we had to pack up our dirty laundry in baskets, and haul them down Orange Blossom Trail (in Orlando- the late 50s) to a laundromat in the dark. Very dreary. After helping our mom load the clothes in the washers, we slinked over to the waiting room- and lo and behold!~ this is what I found on the old table with the newspapers! —>

Batman125¬†Every time I read it, I feel like I’m back in that laundromat, marveling as I read my very first comic book! Read it online HERE: Batman #125- from 1959- King Batman the First!

As well as MANY other old comics and mags- with new ones added every week! Posting my Old Books HERE from now on~