Get LOST! ……#2 (1954) – the FRunniest Invisible Man Spoof!

The FIRST story in the comic~Page01_GetLost002Page02_GetLost002Page03_GetLost002Page03_GetLost002aPage04_GetLost002Page04_GetLost002aPage04_GetLost002bPage05_GetLost002Page05_GetLost002bPage05_GetLost002cPage06_GetLost002Page06_GetLost002aPage06_GetLost002bPage07_GetLost002Page07_GetLost002aPage07_GetLost002bPage08_GetLost002Page08_GetLost002aPage08_GetLost002bPage09_GetLost002Page09_GetLost002aPage09_GetLost002bz


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