I never appreciated this Twilight Zone episode very much…UNTIL getting older!

Of course, the ratty trailer park I grew up in as a kid was nothing NEAR as nice as that quaint town….so all I’D like to go back for, if time travel were possible (it isn’t) would be to see my mom again (long dead),,,and to hold those old comics I traded pop-bottles in for!

What made me think of this is the cool Willoughby-like town I just moved into, this morning!

At 8;30 this morning, I went for a walk (@ a mile) to the grocery store in town, and as I waved at couples walking on the other side of the street (YES! people actually WALK here!), at a teen couple in love, holding hands with stars in their eyes as they walked- I FELT like I had gotten off that train!

One walker on the other side of the street shouted out “Good Morn’ to you, too!” with such a big smile- I just had to cross over to meet him! After talking for a few, he was telling me of a restaurant I walk by that has a Karaoke Night with great drinks. I asked him if the prices of the drinks were decent- and he said with a wicked leer ” I THINK so!”, gesturing having drinks, and had a pleasant chuckle, asking is it fun? He said “ANYTHING is fun- when you have enough to drink!”, and we BOTH guffawed!

Walking further down, sitting on a porch with a cool view of  of Mt Rainer and the surrounding ring of mountains, was a tough-looking guy named Joe, who turned out to be a charming fellow to talk to. I often pick plums off the plum tree in his front yard- and confessed it- him saying “Help yourself! They’re GREAT, aren’t they?”

And experiencing the same on the way back, I wondered just how many have NO IDEA what they are missing, as they hop in their cars to drive everywhere, never meeting their neighbors, never experiencing the pure, simple pleasure of taking a stroll! (My 30+ year old son across the street had no desire- hypnotized by computer games).

We take SO much for granted, and often miss out on SO many enjoyable things, if caught up by society…..

Don’t believe me? If you live in a fairly small town- TRY it! WAVE at people, GREET them! And discover what is awaiting you if you do!

DISCLAIMER: Ignore this if you live in a BIG city, like New York or Chicago…unless armed, and trained in hand-to-hand combat…..

Interesting site about Rod Serling’s daughter, Anne!-

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  1. T.W.Garland says:

    Congratulations on the move, sounds like a nice place. Do you think they are aliens? Possibly an ancient race hidden in place sight? Surely they can’t just be reasonably nice?


  2. dmglostne says:

    that twilight zone episode is the only one that really scared me as a kid and still does. every time I ride a train that episode gets stuck in my mind. anyway great blog you have I ‘ll be sure to keep checking it out. Oh when i fly i also can’t look out at the jets wing who knows what I will see.


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