Just get OVER it! Get comic CBRs, and use a reader for Comic Heaven on your ‘Puter!

Yes, how well I know it’s sacrilege to even THINK of anything but the actual comic itself…. The feel. The value.


How few you can AFFORD, assuming you can FIND them.

Then, staring at them in the bag- afraid to try and pull it out; maybe the tape will catch and pull some of the ink off the cover.

Maybe you’ll drop it- or spill something on it, or, or,or……

STOP! Just TRY it! Ask me or other collectors for a cbr of a cool old comic, download the free “CD Display CBR Reader”, or others, sit back and see the comic full size or larger on your screen! I’m telling you- it’s EUPHORIC!

I have every comic I ever wanted – and MUCH more! I likely won’t LIVE long enough to READ them all

Don’t ever say the good ol’ Mad Artist never toldja!

Kindest Regards,

Mike the Mad Artist


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