The Mystery of Art’s affect on our Mind and Heart!

tumblr_n898fxHi0h1rhjbado1_1280 001

I have ALWAYS loved to doodle, cartoon and draw things- even when no good at it…it FELT good, in some inexplicable way! But even MORE mysterious was how it affected OTHERS! They’d RAVE about my drawings, as they do even now- and I am not even CLOSE to being as good as Ditko, Kirby, and the lesser artists (heh!)

Just what IS it about art that has such a power over us? Many have been killed over it, fortunes are spent on a small piece of canvas, illustration board- and even just PAPER!

ONE thing is certain to ME, though; the sheer nostalgia! When reading a comic book that I read as a kid, I’m suddenly 9 years old again, walking down the dirt path between huge oak trees in Orlando Florida in the early 60s, sunlight glittering patterns of the leaves on the comic pages as I walk, a slight, cool breeze flows gracefully over my body, I hear the birds singing- and feel the sting of one of the damned mosquitos biting!

Then the obvious: The ‘Feel’ of the story, the emotions captured and often exaggerated, the starling vision of the artist’s imagination- as he or she sees the creatures, landscapes or illusions!

OH, ALL RIGHT! So it’s NOT a Mystery! Butchagotta admit it was fun THINKING about it, don’t you!

How wonderful the world of older comics is!

Kindest Regards,

Mike the Mad Artist

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