The Very First Comic I ever read…Remember YOURS?

When our mom got off work, the sun was setting, and once a week, we had to pack up our dirty laundry in baskets, and haul them down Orange Blossom Trail (in Orlando- the late 50s) to a laundromat in the dark. Very dreary. After helping our mom load the clothes in the washers, we slinked over to the waiting room- and lo and behold!~ this is what I found on the old table with the newspapers! —>

Batman125 Every time I read it, I feel like I’m back in that laundromat, marveling as I read my very first comic book! Read it online HERE: Batman #125- from 1959- King Batman the First!

As well as MANY other old comics and mags- with new ones added every week! Posting my Old Books HERE from now on~




6 comments on “The Very First Comic I ever read…Remember YOURS?

  1. T.W.Garland says:

    I had a small book of Doctor Strange comics that was worn and well used when it was given to me. I read those issues over and over again.
    What was OBT like in the 50s?


    • theMadArtist says:

      Greetings, TW!

      I was so obsessed with Spiderman, I paid little attention to Doc Strange…until Spidey Annual 2! I posted the whole story ( )- see it?
      You from Orlando, too?
      In the late 50s and early 60s, OBT was starting to get ragged, but it was clean, and safe to walk at night, and as young teens we did all the time- even around midnight. Buses (for a dime) ran regularly, taking you wherever you needed to go! Our favorite spot was a drugstore named “Strauders” (sp) on OBT & 27th Street- it had the old soda fountain (as in Back to the Future ), a huge magazine stand- and several comic book racks! And there were the occasional mom & pop stores that I miss SO bad!
      Try walking it today- and you’d likely be mugged- maybe even in daylight! In Orlando it’s mostly a slum…..

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    • theMadArtist says:

      Described above, TW! Mostly poor white people…..


    • theMadArtist says:

      As stated above, peaceful, but getting ragged in the 60s. 50s- was VERY nice; business flourishing, buildings up-kept, and pretty, nice trees and hedges, many pedestrians. Was a ‘Garden City’..until the 60s and the coming of the Mouse…..


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