Review: Archie vs Predator Issue 1 (of 4)


Travelling Man's Blog

Script by Alex de Campi

Pencils by Fernando Ruiz

Inks by Rich Koslowski

Colours by Jason Miller

Letters by John Workman

Published by Dark Horse


As Spring Break begins, Archie and his friends catch a break. An all-expenses paid trip to the Carribbean! Sun, sea, sand and extraterrestial hunters who have no concept of mercy and remorse! Happy Spring Break!

This is glorious. Ruiz’s loose friendly style has always been one of the big drawers of the Archie books and that’s true here too. Koslowski’s inks bring out the slightly cartoonish over expression that works so well here and Miller’s exuberant colours give the book the exuberant energy that Archie stories always have at their core. Workman’s lettering seals the deal and ensures every beat and increases in tempo of the dialogue hits with the same enthusiasm as the art. If you want a textbook example of the modern…

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